How to earn more as a freelancer in 2019 with WordPress

Let’s set the scene; you have been building WordPress websites as a freelancer for a couple of years and it’s going great. There is a chance you could be earning more as a WordPress developer, utilising those amazing skills you have spent countless hours crafting.

We’re going to break down three practical ways you could be making more money as a freelancer in 2019:

Charge more

While this one sounds like an obvious way to bring home more cash, it really is something to consider. The average rate of a WordPress freelancer is £20 to £30 per hour. If you’ve been doing this for a while, you’re probably better than your ‘average’ developer; you’re a talented freelancer who has been living and breathing WordPress for a few years now. We think you should be charging no less than £30 per hour.

As a WordPress freelancer, you’re always going to be competing on price. Stand out by being an experienced freelancer rather than a freelancer with the lowest rate.

You may find your current clients are unable or unwilling to pay your increased rate. That’s okay. It’s entirely normal to outgrow your client base from time to time as you expand your skills. Look for more premium clients or contacts to work with.



With the world of hosting comes a complex world of domains, SFTP, and security issues. It’s likely you’ve transferred many websites onto a hosting platform. 

Are you charging your clients for hosting their websites?

We recommend picking a managed WordPress hosting platform, utilising their free migrations and putting your feet up. Tap, our managed WordPress hosting platform, is the perfect place to store your clients’ websites.

From only £12, we look after your clients’ websites 24/7, including a free SSL certificate, and migration for free. With our plans being so affordable, there’s no reason why you couldn’t double the cost for your client, increasing your profit. We won’t tell them if you don’t!

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Continued Improvements

A good website is constantly evolving, with fresh content, images and features. Perhaps you built your local florist a website last year. Why not get in touch with them and offer them a couple of new features? These could include a form that allows customers to leave reviews, an eCommerce platform that allows potential customers to buy online, or a live chat widget.

Think in terms of value to your client. Which features add additional value to your client’s website that they will be happy to invest in?

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Get in touch at and let us know any other top tips you have for earning more money as a freelancer in 2019!

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