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Let us re-introduce ourselves; we’re Tap.

The easiest managed WordPress hosting platform you’ll ever meet. For the last five years, we’ve been providing thousands of users with high quality, affordable WordPress hosting.

We’re about to take things to the next level with the newest version of our platform, Tap 5. So let us go into some detail as to what this new version looks like, how it affects you, and what you can look forward to.

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Firstly, a quick history lesson:

We starting working on Tap in late 2013. The idea was simple, creating a hosting platform that was so easy that everyone could use it.

We despised using cPanel, so we wanted to become the anti-channel. We bootstrapped our first version, working leanly and only including the features that were really necessary to launch.


Launch of Tap 1 came out in September 2014, and it wasn’t long before we had our first customer, then ten customers, then entire schools in Bangkok starting to use our platform to teach development.

We soon hit a fundamental issue with our platform; each user could only build one website per account. Looking ahead to the future of Tap, we knew we were in for a rebuild.

In May 2015, we launched an entirely new platform, built to allow users to manage multiple websites on a single account.

This process would be painful but worthwhile, so we dug in, and before we knew it, we had our 1,000th customer signup. At the time our 1,000th customer signed up, we had 1,389 websites hosted on Tap.

The next part of our story was something no-one in the team could have anticipated. We found ourselves on the front-page of Product Hunt, just before Christmas 2015.

Tap was trending highly, which led to signups increasing by around 2,900% over a 24 hour period. We knew that what we had built was not just good, but very good.

Product Hunt Feature

The next step for us was to innovate. We were the first managed hosting provider to build in free, automatic SSL for all websites. As expected, our users and window shoppers loved this feature. It wasn’t long before we saw our competitors follow suit.

So, what has been happening since 2016?

Tap has continued to grow, and we’ve been working hard on Tap 5.

We’ve built and subsequently thrown away entire versions knowing that they were not the foundation we needed to be the industry-changing product we want to be.

Tap_Blog_3 copy

So let’s chat about Tap 5…

Tap 5 is an entirely new platform, with new features and new services.

Let us break down the three most significant changes:

PressBot – Our AI bot is designed to keep your website running at optimum health and speed. PressBot is continually learning new ways to monitor your website, check for improvements, and fix any problems it comes across. If PressBot is unable to solve a problem, it will quickly alert both you and us, and we will jump in to find a solution.

Premium plans – You’ve been screaming out for this one. Premium plans will give you more space, allow for more monthly visits, and will include a greater level of support.

New dashboard – The new Tap dashboard is even more intuitive to use. We’ve researched what you, as users, are using and what you’re not. Using this data, we’re not only tailoring the dashboard to prioritise and keep the tools you love, but we’re also adding a few extras in there too!

When can you expect to see Tap 5?

Tap 5 will be launched at the end of September 2019. We are currently in the testing phase, getting our new network of servers ready ahead of the roll-out.

How does the update affect me?

At the moment, it doesn’t. Your existing websites will at no point be affected.

If you are already a paying user, your plans also won’t change.

Here’s the only thing we do ask…

As an original Tapper, we’d love you to follow along with the release of v5.

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