Why Intercom Powers Tap’s Support

Intercom is a fundamental component to Tap’s support process.

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It’s a cool product ran by a cool people who actually care about their users.

Intercom allows us to talk to our users and support them with any issues they experiencing using Tap and it helps us to paint a real-time picture of the bugs and pain-points they are experiencing so we can shape our dev roadmap logically and address the the most pressing issues.

Support Team Collaboration

On a day-to-day basis, Intercom allows us to respond to support issues quickly and assign them to key team members to ensure the right person is dealing with the support request. If it’s a migration then it goes to the migration team, if it’s a complex server error then it gets assigned to 2nd line support. If it’s a routine issue then someone from 1st line support can usually fix it at the click of a button using Tap’s smart back-end dashboard.

We love the feature which allows you to add a note to a conversation to either provide further details about the conversation for the person you’re assigning it to, or to just ask for some advice.

Intercom Notes

Intelligent Auto Reply

What really impresses us about Intercom is its ability to respond to user support queries automatically, with intelligent semantic analysis, and suggest an article from the Tap knowledge base; it will even close tickets if the user is satisfied that the query is resolved.

Auto Reply
Sure, it’s not state-of-the-art AI, but it does a pretty good job at matching keywords from the queries with an article to help the users help themselves; this saves a lot of time for the support team

Articles & Knowledge Base

Naturally, with the knowledge base the more you feed it the more accurate it gets, so we attempt to log every user question and then create an article with the answer in the knowledge the base.

Tap Knowledge Base

This process makes our support more efficient and allows us to focus on the urgent tasks, safe in the knowledge that Intercom is providing users with the support they need for the more routine based, 1st line questions.

Actionable Insights

You’ll also get a nifty little dashboard which helps you to see how your article is doing with the use of Emoji’s – you can then tweak and improve with actionable insights based on the user feedback.

Emoji Bar

Nifty Integrations

Plus there are a whole range of integrations; our favourite by far is the Slack integration which sends all support issues to a channel, aptly named ‘Support’, so the team receive instant notifications when they’re at their desks and can keep an eye on urgent tickets to make sure they are being serviced in a timely manner.

Tap and Slack

Intercom is a product that has developed a lot over the past few years we’ve been using it, and we’re really just scratching the service of what it has to offer in this article; it’s also a powerful sales and customer engagement tool (I’m sure we’ll be exploring more of this in the years to come).

Intercom understands its users and builds things that are useful, that we actually need. We love that philosophy. 

Use Intercom? Tell us what you love about it.

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