WordPress Plugin Of The Week: Embed Any Document

It’s often the case that the things in life that should be simple, always turn out to be painfully complicated.

However one thing that doesn’t have to be difficult is adding documents to your WordPress site thanks to our Plugin Of The Week – Embed Any Document.

What it says on the tin

‘Embed Any Document’ literally sums itself up; it’s a simple and efficient way to embed documents into your WordPress site without any hassle. The plugin eliminates the need for any 3rd party plugins like Flash or Acrobat Reader and once in your site, the documents look pretty neat too.

Supported file types

One criticism of Embed Any Document is that it doesn’t actually embed ‘any’ file (annoyingly)! However it will cover all the major file types so you should be fine. Here’s a list of the files types it likes:

We love Embed Any Document because it makes adding documents stress free and the final results look really professional. It’s an absolute must for anyone looking to publish written work or illustrations and present data.

To find out more about Embed Any Document and to download the plugin click here.

About the Author

Rachel Heslop

Hi I'm Rachel, content producer for Tap. Lover of travel, photography and a real foodie. I enjoy writing blogs so much that I also do it in my spare time!


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