WordPress Plugin Of The Week: Gravity Forms

Toady I’m going to talk about contact forms.

Now, we all know contact forms can be a huge pain in the backside and we dread that phone call from a seething client who hasn’t received any enquires because ‘the contact form has stopped functioning’. It’s a horrible conversation to have.

Not to mention the pain that comes with manually adding and validating form fields, which consumes a lot of time and energy – coding and testing… coding and testing!

WordPress people, meet Gravity Forms.

What’s so great about Gravity Forms, you ask?

Well, I’ll summarise the best bits:

Basically it’s awesome and you should use it (it’s been a life saver for us). I caught up with our Creative Director, Matt Luke, and asked him why he loves it so much, here’s what he said:

“Gravity Forms is by far my favourite WordPress plugin. It handles everything from security to front end customisation and makes even quite complicated configuration options a dream to use. As a designer it’s important to have full control over the look and feel of my forms but not compromise on security of reliability.”

I’m just going to leave this here: http://www.gravityforms.com

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